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To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally:



Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.










Sure, let’s try.  Tags added.

…aww, I use really literal tags.  This is probably more fun for someone who rants more in tags.

AHAHAHA half of mine are awesome and the other half are things I have literally never typed into my tags field. XD





Someday, I hope to actually laugh at these comics.

but seriously fuck people who think our generation had everything handed to us. we may not be first generation college students, but we’re paying double/triple what you paid for an education of more questionable quality. i’m not saying we don’t have it better, but we’re not as lazy as you think.

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Better get back to salting your meats and keeping a pantry because fridges are a luxury now.

I think they’re mixing up POOR and THIRD WORLD.  Those are two VERY different things.

No don’t you know that if you literally own a single thing you are no longer poor and therefore should receive no benefits of any kind. Gods. You own that shirt you are wearing? No foodstamps for you! You own that book you are reading? No more medicaid! You own a television? You must be rich - pay some taxes already!

I just. 


Poor people are more likely to rent than own. Most apartments, yes, even apartments that accept Section 8, have a landlord-provided refrigerator. By most standard leases in my state, any feature in good working order when the lease starts must be repaired or replaced by the landlord if, through no fault of the tenant, the feature is no longer functional. By such a lease, if a refrigerator/washer/dryer/any other on-premises appliance was shitty and barely working when you moved in, the landlord has to make sure it’s repaired to at least that state if it stops working entirely.


So of COURSE poor people have refrigerators. That’s just fucking LOGICAL. And if they weren’t part of the lease, poor people would have to find a way to get a refrigerator, no matter how leaky and close to breaking down it was, because IF YOUR FOOD STAMPS ARE THE ONLY MONEY YOU CAN BUDGET TOWARDS FOOD, YOU HAVE TO MAKE FOOD LAST. You can barely afford to replace the food you’ve eaten, you can’t afford to have food ROT and be wasted.

And even aside from that, if it’s really so reprehensible for poor people to have access to a way to preserve their food, EVERYONE AT FOX NEWS SHOULD JUST SET THEMSELVES ON FIRE NOW PLEASE

Dotjpg made all of the points I would have made, but I still feel compelled to add:  Just what unholy combination of wealthy, ignorant, and callous do you have to be to be scandalized that “poor people” (which by the way, is an incredibly vague term and it’s not defined here) have a means to store food and reheat it? >:P

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Not all of us are Social Justice Warriors ;)



man thinking about that post like

social justice warriors are sometimes the leeroy jenkins, they rush right in usually without buffs, without enough equipment, and probably in misguided and counterproductive ways but their hearts are usually in the right place so everyone who rushes in after them to try and back their asses up usually also gets wiped. refined warriors can usually manage aggro while tailoring their skills to fit the situation, but they gotta be careful.

social justice rangers (sup) occasionally have that One Post that resonated with a lot of people but most of the time they stand back and take potshots at easy targets. rangers are pretty good at getting to the point (if i do say so myself) but prefer to back up the party than to wander into the thick of the mob.

social justice paladins are righteous folks and they can take a lot of punishment, specifically baiting oppressive assholes to keep the attention off their more fragile party members. or they dash right in and start slugging away to draw aggro away from said fragile party members. damn, tanks are cool.

social justice monks are like the spiritual leaders, they’re versatile and wise. maybe a bit older than the usual demographic, they’re pretty zen, their blogs are usually about everyday things and they tend to have a lot of experience. they hold their own communities accountable but will wander into the fray, taking up whichever role needs to be taken.

social justice wizards are fucking cool. wide-reaching AoE and tons of damage, posts with like, tens of thousands of notes, they’re usually buffered against the backlash by tanks and backed up by the rangers. broad, widely-applicable statements suited for many circumstances. everyone wants to be their friend.

social justice rogues are those people who run fandom or hipster blogs who you never expect to give a shit about social justice but they follow a couple wizards and once in a while they’ll pop in, drop a bomb, and then flit away into the darkness. maybe they lose a couple followers, but man were they good at luring those fuckers into complacency. rogues are fuckin hilarious (and awesome) to see in action.

and social justice clerics are those absolute sweethearts who stay out of the line of fire but support and encourage the front line (as it were). whenever the tanks and DPS get worn down, the clerics drop in with a healing spell, maybe some HoTs and buffs. when they do draw the attention of mobs, they’re usually helpless because they’re TOO DAMN NICE and have far too much hope in humanity and just keep tryna cast healing spells on everyone. protect clerics at all costs.

This is too good.  OMG.

Some Thoughts about Allies

Apparently it’s Post Thoughts on Tumblr Week.  But again, this one is important, and it really does deserve its own post, even if I get rotten tomatoes thrown at me it is not the most popular post ever.  Anyway, this post is about allies.

As a person who is a member of multiple marginalized populations, I get frustration with allies—I really, really do.  Anybody can say they are an ally, and frequently, they aren’t actually all that supportive when you get right down to it, and sometimes people are downright nasty under the guise of concern trolling, and it sucks.  It all just sucks.

But here’s the thing that I think it’s super-important to keep in mind, enough so that I am writing it here:  Marginalized people often need to form tenuous alliances with the privileged majority in order to achieve sociopolitical change.  Yes, the fact that this is true is yet another thing about living as a member of a marginalized population that sucks, but it still is true, and it’s something we gotta keep in mind if we want to keep changing things.  And the thing is, someone doesn’t have to be an ally on all fronts in order to help at that one crucial moment.

I know this is a lot to swallow, so I’m going to point to a few examples in history (both recent and not) to back up my claim.  I don’t wanna be a jerk fake ally, so I’ll keep my examples to instances that affect me or my family personally as a marginalized person:  

  • Women needed allies in the American government in order to get the 19th Amendment passed (and if you don’t think that was an extremely tenuous alliance at times, research Alice Paul’s hunger strikes).
  • Queer families in MA needed allies on the state Supreme Judicial Court to get the Goodridge decision issued—and that was ultimately the cornerstone for marriage equality in the whole country.
  • Jews living in eastern Europe during World War II needed Allies in order to ultimately interrupt the death machine created in concentration camps.  It’s widely accepted that the arrival of Allies, and specifically American troops, is what ceased activity in these camps.  Eisenhower even allegedly insisted on photographing the sites and making locals tour them in order to document the atrocities, some of which ultimately contributed as evidence at the time of the Nuremberg trials.

I’m not saying that everybody needs to swallow everything that anybody calling themselves an ally says at all times.  I’m not saying that people who are horribly detrimental to social causes never masquerade as allies.  All I am ultimately saying is, keep in mind that we want to continue to move towards a future that holds respect, equality, and expression of fundamental rights for marginalized peoples.  And please keep in mind that we often need the grudging assistance of members of a privileged majority to do it.

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